Sports Medicine & Concussion Care-a-Van

As part of our continued commitment to athletes, families and the community, we are bringing expert sports medicine and concussion care to you. Our state-of-the-art Sports Medicine & Concussion Care-a-Van is a mobile unit equipped with the latest in concussion and sports medicine technology, and can travel to community functions, sporting events and more. 

Education, Prevention, Treatment and Testing in One Location

Sports injuries and concussions can happen to anyone at anytime. With the knowledge and experience of the experts from Gwinnett Medical Center's Sport Medicine Program and Concussion Institute, we've got you covered. Our innovative mobile sports medicine and concussion unit is designed with that in mind. In fact, it's divided into two sections - one for sports medicine and the other for concussion education. This means that it can be used to
fit your needs, whether it's concussion education and baseline testing or sports physicals and injury prevention. With our mobile unit, we offer the following sports medicine and concussion services:

  • Athletic Training/First Aid - With a fully functional athletic training room, our trainers can provide basic first aid (band aids or blister care) as well as extensive sports medicine treatment including, injury evaluation, injury rehabilitation, therapeutic modalities and cardiac emergency services. 
  • Concussion Baseline Testing (including pediatric) - The front end of the Care-a-Van is built specifically for concussion baseline testing. With laptop computers in a specially designed layout that meets baseline testing standards, athletes ages 12 - 59 can be tested. The Care-a-Van is also equipped with trained staff and iPads designed to provide pediatric baseline testing for athletes ages 5 - 11. 
  • Education - Providing education to our community to keep athletes of all ages healthy is at the forefront of our mission. In fact, we can ensure that the community is up-to-date on the latest trends of sports medicine and concussion care, as well as provide CPR clinics, coaches education sessions and informational sessions specifically designed around concussion information, care and treatment. 
  • Injury Prevention - Our staff members are trained in all areas of injury prevention, specifically using SportsMetrics, a program that analyzes and corrects the jumping/movement patterns in athletes who may be susceptible to ACL tears. This program is designed to safely instruct an athlete on the proper landing and body position techniques to prevent injury.
  • Physical Therapy - Using our fully-stocked athletic training room complete with custom-built evaluation tables, we are able to provide a range of physical therapy programs and rehabilitation exercises from early to more advanced stages and completion of return-to-play concussion programs. 
  • Wellness Programs - Sports medicine and concussion education are more than just injury and treatments. In fact, we offer a variety of general health and wellness programs including those that focus on running techniques and gait analysis, nutrition and wellness, as well as environmental illness prevention. 
  • Sports Physicals - Sports physicals make it possible to help ensure than an athlete is safe to participate in sports, whether it’s school-based or community-based. Our certified athletic trainers and physician residents provide heart and lung, vision, height, weight and orthopedic examinations for athletes prior to a visit with a team doctor for final clearance to play. 

Reservation & Pricing Options

To reserve the Sports Medicine & Concussion Care-a-Van, call 678-312-7880. Pricing is as follows:

  • A $150 deposit is required to hold any date
  • $50/hour or $500 for a full day*
  • Organization paid baseline testing:
    • Pediatric (ages 5-11): $25
    • Adult (ages 12 & up): $15

*Additional charges may apply for areas outside of a 30-mile radius.

Want to Learn More or Want Us to Bring the Care-a-Van to Your Event or Organization? 

For more information about the Sports Medicine & Concussion Care-a-Van or to discuss bringing the van to your location or event, call 678-312-7880. 

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