Student Opportunities

Student Opportunities, Internships and More

The Sports Medicine program at Gwinnett Medical Center provides educational experiences for current professionals and students that may be interested or currently pursuing a degree in the field of sports medicine. These experiences can be in the form of internships, graduate assistantships, high school curriculums or event-shadowing opportunities.

Currently, the program holds contracts with accredited state universities for coordinating their required student placements, internships or necessary clinical rotations needed to complete requirements for graduation or board certification.

These opportunities are designed expressly to meet the needs of most curriculums while exposing students to established sports medicine programs in secondary schools, colleges, clinics and professional teams.

Nationally Recognized

ImageOur sports medicine program is recognized by the National Athletic Trainers' Association as an approved provider for continuing education for certified athletic trainers. Approved providers help certified athletic trainers advance their knowledge, skills and abilities by offering educational courses and activities, which fall under the domains of athletic training.

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