Sports Injury Testing

The Sports Injury Test (SIT) measures several important factors relating to an athlete’s strength, coordination and body alignment. This compilation of tests compares the athlete’s performance to a large research database of over 800 female athletes. The database is used to understand factors which may predispose an athlete to injury. These tests also provide information that allows assessment of hip and core strength stabilization.

The testing may include:

  • History of Prior Injury and Sports Participation
  • Video Analysis of Jumping and Landing Mechanics
  • Functional Hop Tests
  • Double-leg Vertical Jump Assessment
  • Single-leg Vertical Jump Assessment
  • Hamstring Flexibility Assessment
  • Core Strength Assessment
  • Speed, Agility, and Endurance Tests

The SIT requires minimal equipment and was designed to be portable, so that it can easily be taken to any school, sports club or facility.

The test takes approximately 30 to 60 minutes and is given at the beginning and end of each Sportsmetricstraining program. The pre-training test provides baseline information for participants to benchmark progress and allows the training to be tailored to the individual athlete’s needs. The post training test gives each athlete a tangible record of improvement. Each participant is provided with a personalized report of their results. The Sports Injury Test is included in the Sportsmetrics™ Technique and Training program and can also be performed as a stand-alone test to assess an athlete’s injury risk and baseline performance.

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