Sportsmetrics™ Program Pricing

Knee Injury Risk Screening

  • Free for GMC partner schools! Call 678-312-6287 or email to schedule a free on-site screening for your team.

Sports Injury Test (SIT)

  • One-on-one: $75/athlete
  • Team testing at GMC partner schools: $50/athlete
  • Included in Sportsmetrics™ Technique and Training packages

Sportsmetrics™ Technique and Training Packages

  • Sportsmetrics™ Summer Camp ***best deal: only $12.50 per session per athlete!***
    • $250/athlete, 12-athlete maximum 
  • Sportsmetrics™ After-School Program (in development)
    • $250/athlete, 12-athlete maximum
  • Sportsmetrics™ In-clinic Training
    • One-on-One  (pre- and post-SIT + 18 technique and training sessions over 7 weeks): $1,261.50

Testing and Technique only (pre- and post-SIT + 4 one-hour technique sessions over 6 weeks)

  • One-one-one: $410
  • Partner/Small Group (all sessions must be attended together; no make-ups for missed sessions):
    • Two athletes: $360 per athlete
    • Three athletes: $320 per athlete
    • Four athletes: $285 each athlete
    • Five athletes: $260 each athlete
    • Six-athlete cap: $250 each athlete

Warm-up for Injury Prevention and Performance

  • Team Training at GMC partner schools, up to 20 athletes, $30/athlete
  • This includes:
    • Copy of the WIPP program DVD for the coach to keep
    • Written “quick reference” card of the exercises for each coach and each athlete
    • Written detailed breakdown of each exercise including description, training cues, and faults to avoid, for each coach and each athlete
    • Four onsite team training sessions with a Certified Sportsmetrics Instructor
    • Additional follow-up knee injury risk screenings for $10/athlete