Baseline Concussion Screening

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Baseline concussion testing is important because if you get a concussion, we need a place to start from. We use a baseline tool called ImPACT or Immediate Post Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing. We are the only hospital in Georgia to offer ImPACT countywide. Our goal is to reduce the chance of follow-up concussions, thus helping student-athletes' performance both on the field and in the classroom.

ImPACT is a unique software system that has been mandated by the NHL and is used by most NFL and MLB teams, and countless colleges and high schools across the country. ImPACT is fast becoming the “Gold Standard” in recognizing and managing head injuries.

This online exam is taken by each student-athlete at our facility, under the supervision of one of our staff, prior to the start of each athletic season. The baseline concussion screening program helps us establish a baseline to work with during the season should the student-athlete suffer a concussion. It also helps determine the extent of the injury, allowing our staff to monitor recovery and aid in making safe return-to-play decisions.

Learn More and Schedule a Baseline Concussion Screening

1. For more information about concussion treatment, download our free Parents Guide to Concussion Care.

2. To schedule an appointment for a baseline concussion test, call the Concussion Institute at 678-312-7880.

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